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Countdown to NOVEMBER 8

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Why I am continuing as a write in candidate for SD9

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A lot has been said about my intentions but I would like to make one thing clear. This is the first page from the challenge attempted at the SD9 endorsing convention. It should not matter which camp you are or are not in when it comes to this race, we should all desire transparency. 

My write in candidacy is about one thing. Truth and integrity. Why was I told by OTC credentials that they would not open any caucus documents when we took our short intermission at the SD9 endorsing convention? Instead Mr. Merickel attempted to convince me to check the names in a spread sheet on his computer. No thanks!

Do we as republicans really not care about voter integrity like we say we do? Why then can we not do a simple comparison with the other outstanding precincts? 

Jordan and OTC leadership have the ability to make this happen but instead it appears their solution will be to have closed door meetings and convince you, the good people of SD9, to give them your hard earned money to help fight for his political career rather than having a simple 2 hour meeting to compare the paper delegate lists against the spread sheet delegate list. Lets get to the bottom of this we all deserve the truth. 

"Nathan is selfishly splitting the vote giving the seat to the DFL"

I hear this at least 3 times a day. Let's discuss a couple facts about our new district 

It has 4.5 counties with 183 precincts. Douglas (17), Grant (23), Ottertail (91), Traverse (20) & Wilkin (32)


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Election results for the 183 precincts that make up the new Senate District 9

2022 Primary

highest turn out in the state for R votes out of all MN Senate races

Rasmusson - 5738

Miller - 5385

Walker - 3111

2020 General

MN State Senate

Most Republican votes of all races

R - 34436 (if divided by 2 = 17218) 

D - 15543 (DFL still loses to both R's)

President - 33615

US Sen - 30618

US Rep - 27859

MN Rep - 34063

2018 General Republican votes

No MN State Senate Race 

MN Rep race had most R votes.

R - 24107

D - 14525

US Sen - 20157

US Sen - 22297

US Rep - 19420

MN Gov - 23259

MN AG  - 23459

MN Sos - 23157

The numbers tell us all we need to know: we really have nothing to fear as this race is completely within our control. Those of us within the Republican party just need to turn out to vote. Clearly the 2020 election proves with it's 87%+ voter turn out that we have the strength to win this thoroughly red portion o the state. I believe both myself and Rasmusson can beat the DFL this year. As long as we the voters are not lazy and actually go to the polls on November 8th. I will not be backing off of this caucus issue we deserve the truth on this matter. If there is nothing to hide then MN GOP and the OTC republican leadership should be clamoring to get this issue resolved. Clearly their refusal to open the original caucus delegate sheets will prove something they don't want any of us to see. This is the only reason you have a write in candidate this election cycle. Tell them all to stop the cover up, compare the originals to the computer generated spreadsheet so we can move on as a district. This would take a couple hours at most. In the mean time do not give them a red cent. This will cost them nothing except the truth. The sooner the truth is brought forth the sooner we can move on.

??Was the new 2022 ratio for delegates the plan to stack OTC??

An interesting piece of information that many people do not know about or maybe care about is how the number of delegates are determined in our counties. The number is done on a ratio from the prior election's votes for the republican candidates. Now this ratio historically has been a 30 or 60 (R) votes to 1 delegate determination and that was the ratio at which the counties of Douglas (60:1), Grant (60:1), Wilkin (60:1) & Traverse (30:1) all went with again this year.  

Now Ottertail County, who as I understand has always used the same 60:1, ratio decided to switch this year to a 90:1. At face value that doesn't seem to be too big of deal. We are after all the largest county by population, we have the most voters so upping the ratio seems logical, right? Well for a group of leadership who are trying to defend their move to add names after caucus and saying things like,"we need to grow the party." Or "We want as many people on the delegate lists as possible, poor turnout doesn't look good, we need more grassroots involvement." It would appear counter intuitive.

So then if we want as many people as possible why would you reduce the amount of delegates and grassroots openings for delegates and alternates?

1. Could it be that with the other county's delegates at a lesser value and OTC reducing the number of their own delegates but increasing the strength of their voting power that it has a desired outcome?

2. Could it be that they didn't dare leave anything to chance thus by having fewer OTC delegates they could line up as many friendly delegates to their candidate to ensure an endorsement victory? 

3. But when Caucus is on a bitter cold night in February and not all the friendly delegates can leave the comfort of their home to attend, what else can be done in order to keep order, surely they could not have this senate race left up to chance or fairness, there is just too much at stake, isn't there?

Again I say bring forth the original caucus sheets and let's compare them to the delegate list spreadsheet. We deserve the truth. Sadly it appears as though Ottertail County leadership is content with allowing the other 92 precincts in the "less valuable" counties to pay for their  transgressions rather than answering for themselves. Do not bail out OTC republicans with your money! All they need is to provide transparency and truth on this matter. They will use your money to cover their tracks and turn this into a campaign cry for help!



My name is Nathan Miller; I am a Christian, a husband and father who lives on a small 40–acre farm south of Battle Lake, Minnesota. Both, my wife and I each own a small business, have been born and raised in Western Minnesota, and now raise our three young children here as well. I have worked in the power and energy industry since attending college for it in Bismarck, North Dakota, graduating in 2006. Even though I have used my leadership skills as an operations manager in different energy facilities in the state, I am blue collar to the core. I still hold my trade boilers license and work in boiler rooms around Minnesota. 

Since the July 2020 decree came down from our petty tyrant Walz, I have continued to live free of masking in Minnesota. Instead, I choose to wear my own PPE (personal protective equipment) not an N95, but an XDM 9mm, compliments of the second amendment, just about everywhere I go.

I humbly ask for your support as a delegate or voter. I'm asking for the privilege to be your state senator here in the new and most conservative senate district Minnesota has to offer, SD9. I am not a politician, instead a patriot. I will work to the best of my ability to represent our conservative values and principles in St. Paul. As with any transition into a new job, there can be learning curves. I know I have the conscience, character and strong will to tackle the upcoming challenges. Plus, my greatest asset will be you my neighbors, countrymen and constituents. Join me and let's be on the right side of history together.

Nathan R. Miller

Candidate for Minnesota State Senate District 9


To put it bluntly, I am running because I am fed up. I have had enough of the fear mongering by the left along with their favorite allies, weak Republicans, especially when it comes to viruses, vaccines, masks, increased crime, and self–inflicted economic hardship. I can't stand to listen to another politician or agent of "justice" call concerned parents or patriots "domestic terrorists" or "white supremacists". I won't sit idly by any longer as our elections are disgraced by greed and power hungry individuals who will never play fair. I'm tired of being over–taxed, only to have our money held hostage by do–gooders in St. Paul. I believe it's time to deliver a constitutional conservative from "rock and cow" country to the capital in order to restore a semblance of common sense, true constituent representation, and godly conviction.

I often tell people I am determined to leave my children with a freer and more prosperous country than the one I was given. Truth, family, and the principles our Founding Fathers sacrificed greatly for are under attack. I say no more! The time has come for we the people to be liberated from our slumber; to be free of the establishment, and to start a revival of mind, heart and soul in St. Paul. I want to help by championing life (from conception), liberty and the pursuit of happiness in order to resurrect our state from what the Walz administration has been destroying over the past two years.

I will hold the bureaucrats accountable, help drive out tyranny, and stand firm for all that we hold dear in Western Minnesota. I will not work for a party, lobby or anti–American agenda; I will be a voice for grassroots, working for you the people.


Here is a look into our everyday life. This is who we, the Millers, are before any thought or decision had been made to run for State Senate.


Ever since I have known Nathan, he has been a man of faith, integrity, grit and strong convictions. He has a heart that loves America, our Constitution, and the principles that this great nation was founded upon. Nathan is an incredible family man who continues to raise our children with intention.


We aren't perfect and will never pretend to be. Yet, we are a family who love the Lord, love each other, and are grateful for the strong roots with which we were both locally raised. Since our first child was born, Nathan has grown ever more passionate about passing down a greater America to our children.


Strong families make a strong nation, and I believe Nathan will be a great voice for our district and communities. The reason that I whole-heartedly believe this, is that first-hand, I have seen him steward his family so well.

All website photos were taken before our State Senate decision run began. We want you, our supporters, to have a true, authentic look into who we are.


Anna Miller

Wife of Nathan Miller




Taxes - Every tax should be called into question as to its purpose and usefulness. I firmly believe the income tax, social security tax, death tax and property taxes should all be abolished. There is only one true way to shrink government and that is by reducing its pocket book.

Election Integrity – Voter ID is a must. Paper ballots are a must. Provisional ballots must be used. Voter registration rolls must be maintained and cleaned. We need to end membership in the left wing created ERIC system. If our elections are not safe and secure, the 2020 election is bound to repeat itself. As a prior election judge myself, I would stand firm to hold officials accountable because without fraudulent free elections we essentially lose our republic. Cheaters must be held accountable.

Health Freedom – Vaccines and shots should never be imposed on a person by their government or employer. I believe these are private decisions that do not include the heavy hand of the government pushing its agenda into our arms. Our government needs to stop handing out “Get out of Jail Free” cards to big pharma by absolving them of responsibility.

Life – I believe life starts at conception. I would never vote for a bill that would fund, promote or support the eugenics being practiced by the likes of Planned Parenthood or any other “health care” group that would find these practices to be acceptable. I would whole heartedly vote in favor of any bill that would stop, end or outlaw this atrocity against our future generations.

2nd Amendment - I live it folks. I open carry just about every where I go. I am in support of Constitutional Carry. Our Constitution makes every county and city in Minnesota a 2nd amendment sanctuary and thus should be treated as such. No red flag laws. No to nationwide gun databases. No to waiting lists. I will never vote for any form of gun control. 

Emergency Powers – Never again should the governor have the ability to unilaterally shutdown our private businesses and stall our economy. The last two years have been an example of government running amuck, using fear as its prime tactic to move forward against our liberties. Now I do understand there may be a time when the governor needs to call out the National Guard to respond to something quickly, say perhaps rioting and looting of our cities, so under those circumstances I understand a need for fast action. I would be alright with a 72 hour emergency powers for only responding to crisis of war before needing to get legislature approval to continue the emergency. No marshal law, no patriot act, no destruction of our lives, our ability to travel freely or killing our economy.

Unelected Bureaucrats – No more. Fire the unelected bodies that suck the life blood from the hard working small businesses with their regulations. We need to get it through to these agents that they still work for their neighbors fellow citizens. All the administrative personnel need to be reminded that they are subject to the will of the people as well. This means having an active legislature that is willing to call them out for their decisions, have hearings and hold them accountable.

Religious Liberty – We should all be allowed to practice our freedom of religion as we see fit. Our country was founded on the virtues that confirmed the existence of a Divine Creator. I firmly believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in His free gift of salvation. I believe the 10 commandments; prayer and other forms of recognition or reverence to the Lord should not be torn down or banned. Instead these symbols are for we the people to recognize that as a nation we will not thrive if we cannot be free to express our religious convictions. Founder John Adams explains it well in his famous quote: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” I’ve always understood that message warns us that as the people of our nation we need to be of good moral fiber, having Godly conviction and wanting to do unto others as we would have done unto us. 



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Inspired by the Spirit of 1776


WHY WRITE IN MILLER FOR SENATE DISTRICT ? 1.I am a believer in Divine Providence like our forefathers. In Christ alone our hope is found; from this one truth is how I govern my own life, how my wife and I raise our children and how I know that leadership can only succeed through a servant’s heart. 2.Not a politician. Nor do I aspire to be one. We must break the cycle of business as usual politics, it continues to divide us and destroy our constitutional republic. a.Never take a dime from a lobbyist or PAC, individual donations only. b.We must pass term limits. c.We need to remove party affiliation from our ballots. 3.Conservative Constitutionalist & Common Sense a.We must stop the over bearing regulations imposed on us by over spending. We have to bring back American Exceptionalism by way of building things here in our own state, promoting businesses to stay and be more an exporter than importer. b.The Constitution does not need to be rewritten. We the people have all the tools we need from our founders to continue to promote and return the sacred cause of liberty to the hearts of our posterity. I will never support an attack on our bill of rights. c.I can’t put my Ram in the barn with another Ram and expect one of them to get pregnant. My flock of livestock will not grow with these practices and I would not be a shepherd for long. Truth doesn’t follow our feelings or an agenda it simply is the truth. I will carry this common sense with me till the day I die, not yielding to the newest “science” or to the democrat/socialist agenda. 4.Change takes action a.Have you become exhausted of the entitlement that our parties and politicians have; what have they really done to earn our votes and support? I sure am! b.Can you see the hypocrisy oozing from the upper echelon of government? I can! c.Do you believe that we are all going to die from ice caps melting or the CO2 we expel that plants need for photosynthesis or that we will all suddenly choke to death from the methane coming from the rear of our neighbor’s dairy cows? I don’t! Folks the time has come to make a change. Let’s break off the chains of this political system the two parties love to hold us under. WRITE IN NATHAN MILLER for truth, unwavering conviction, transparency & integrity. I will never be bought, now that’s real change!




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